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Rosary Rep Needed

DIOCESE OF TUCSON. October 17, 2020. 10:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

St. Augustine Cathedral 192 S Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85701

Most Rev. Edward J. Weisenburger, Presiding

While Pope Francis has made popular the title for Mary Untier

of Knots through his personal devotion to her under this title,

it actually stretches back to the 17th century!

The church of St. Peter in Perlock, Germany, houses a beautiful painting of Mary

where she unties the knots woven by the sins of humanity.

The painting was inspired by a meditation of St. Irenaeus, who

borrows from St. Paul’s vision of Jesus as the New Adam.

St. Irenaeus likewise depicts Mary as the New Eve.

Irenaeus asserts that humanity’s great knot of disgrace was tied through

Eve.But through her great act of obedience, Mary has untied

the knot! Inspired by this, faithful Catholics have fled to Mary

under this title for generations, asking that she help to untie the

knots of our lives caused by our sins, failings, or even

circumstances beyond our control.

I look forward to joining with the faithful of Arizona to venerate

our Blessed Mother, Untier of Knots. May our time together lead

us more deeply into the mystery of Her great love for us and the

call to love one another.

+Most Reverend Edward J. Weisenburger


Future Meeting Dates -Tucson

July 11, 2020

Diocesan Pastoral Center

August 8, 2020 Diocesan Pastoral Center

September 5, 2020 Diocesan Pastoral Center

October 3, 2020 Diocesan Pastoral Center

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