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Those who need prayers


Unborn and Aborted Babies

Brother Knights and Lady Knights

Caretakers of those caring for family members or friends.

SK Ralph Kuechle – Tumor and Kidney Removed  Recovering

SK Wilbur Freeman – Recovering from leg and abdominal infection

Brother Phil Albierto - Recurring Cancer

Sir Knight Bill Tatlock - Pacemaker Surgery Complications

Sir Knight Dennis Raines -  Tumor Surgery

Doug McCullough - (Close friend of Andy Ramirez) - Diabetic and has lost vision

Sir Knight Joseph Busse - Eye Condition

Sir Knight Andy Ramirez – MS 

Sir Knight and Deacon and Brother Knight Bill Drobick -Back Problems

Brother Terry Tryon – Cancer Recovery

Brother Ciro Vuoso – Pneumonia and Leukemia 

Brother Ed Copeman - Cancer (Recovering from Cancer Surgery and Bells Palsy)

Lady Knight Rose Martin - Breast Cancer

Lady Knight Linda Duran - Cancer (Brother Louie Duran’s wife)

Lady Knight Gloria Vuoso - Breast Cancer

Lady Knight Julie Keaveney - Cancer 

Lady Knight Jean Krysiak - Alzheimer’s (Brother Mark Krysiak’s wife)

Dan Lippert - Cancer (follow up treatment)

Rose Marie Monks - Parkinsons

Mary Goldsmith - Alzheimer’s

Rosemary Martinez – Cancer – Currently receiving radiation therapy

Danny Jimenez Jr. – Brain and Lung Cancer 

Jamie Pechtl – Bone Cancer

Rael – Luis Gonzales (Kathy’s Sister)  COVID – in intensive care

Arvie Laurora- grandniece of Socorro Cline. She is 6 months pregnant, and the ultrasound shows multiple defects; the baby has no skull or stomach. The mother has chosen to carry to term and trusts in God for a miracle.

Tracy Ortega – Cancer Daughter of Marilyn Freese in hospice

Gary Stephan - (Heart Surgery Required) Peggy Stephan’s Husband

Peggy Stephan- Brain cancer

Bruce Stewart - (Lung Cancer medicine is working - Barry and Linda Stewart’s son)

Jerry Sullivan - Bladder Cancer (Friend of Brother Cas and Lady Knight Maria Hernandez)

Phil Burgess - Lung Cancer (Friend of Brother Larry Gill)

Mike Nelson - Pancreatic Cancer (Friend of Brother Larry Gill)

Amy Vanderpool – Terminal Liver Cancer 

Fr. Stein- Health issues undisclosed

Lupe Remigio - Brother Billy Padilla - Mother-in-law - very ill

For those suffering from COVID19


Blessed Father Michael McGivney 

David Felix - (Vicki Ramirez Cousin)

Mary Keaveney - Brother Brian Keaveney Mother

Lady Knight Sandy Currens  

Flora Montano - Brother Ruben Montano’s Mother

Lillian (Tudy) Frazier - Brother Bobby Frazier’s Mother - COVID 19

AJ Hermann- Active in Parish for Years

Scott Martinez - Pancreatic Cancer (Lady Knight Gerry Agnew’s Son in Law)

Brother Nick McVicker

Ethan Ardrey - (13 year old), suicide

Mickey Tryon


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