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Women's Reachout Center in Tucson

On Monday, November 13, members of Sir Michael Fitzgerald Council #5221 Knights of Columbus and Lady Knights from Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish made a pilgrimage to the Women’s Reachout Center in Tucson. Their main purpose was to deliver baby items collected from a baby shower sponsored by the Life Ministry of the Knights of Columbus. An entire truckload of handmade blankets, stocking caps, clothing, diapers, formula, furniture and many other items were donated to the center on behalf of the Knights and members of the Assumption Parish. Additionally, a check for $430.00 was presented by Mrs. Susan Stanga to the Center on behalf of the members of the parish and a check for $500.00 was presented to the Center on behalf of the Knights of Columbus.


The pilgrimage was very moving as the group toured the facility and saw the ultrasound machine used to help women see their baby in the womb before deciding to have an abortion. It was learned that out of 42 encounters with pregnant women last year, the Women’s Reachout Center was able to convince 41 to carry their baby to full term and deliver the baby. The Center provides counseling services to pregnant women, adoption counseling services and provides layette’s containing necessities for a mother with a newborn child.


The Life Ministry of the Sir Michael Fitzgerald Council #5221 directly supports the Aid and Support After Pregnancy (ASAP) Program of the Knights of Columbus as a whole.

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