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Faith Activities

Church grounds/landscaping

All Souls Day Mass setup Florence Cemetery

Grand Knight Training

Ushers for weekly mass

Mass Assistance: Lectures, Acolyte’s Ushers, Rosary


Annual Conventions

Coast to Coast Rosary

Weekly Rosary (Louie Duran)

Annual Rosary Celebration

Teaching Catechism


Family Activities

Food Drive (Monthly)

Thanksgiving & Christmas Food Baskets

Keep Christ in Christmas Drive

Mother’s Day Breakfast


Pancake Breakfast


Community Activities 

Coats for Kids

Helping elderly

Parish Festival

Golf Tournament

Fish Dinners

Special Needs Donations – FUSD


Life Activities 

Unborn Recognition

Special Olympics



Other Fraternal Commitments 

Blood Drive

Masses for Members

Visits to Bereaved – Funerals

Visits to sick


Ministry of Life:

Each month the knights Focus on Life

May = Mothers

June = Fathers

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