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Discover your Charisms!

Hopefully you have received your materials for a spiritual enrichment program that was developed by the Catherine of Siena Institute. It's called the "Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory" and it offers a chance to learn more about yourself in the spiritual life.

We all have "gifts" but are there special "gifts" that draw us into a service to others? Why did you join the Knights of Columbus? Do you take a quiet appreciation when you learn of the help that those in need receive from their community? We are not all gifted the same way, and this has nothing to do with being able to dunk a basketball or write a novel. This is the Action of the Holy Spirit, and I hope you are planning to submit your survey.

I am happy to say the process is underway and I thank those of you who have provided me with the survey results. I hope you are enjoying the Resource Guide. Maybe during this pandemic we will find some growth in our spiritual life despite the church closures?

Please feel free to email me: or here's my cell: (510) 517-1975 if you have questions or did not get a mailing from me.

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