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State Deputy Conference Highlights

Highlights from State District Deputy Conference on June 17, 2020

1. There will be State training for Grand Knights and Fin Secs on June 27 in the morning between 9 and 10 am.

2. There are 2 awards at the State Level from Supreme. These are the Circle of Honor and Net Awards. Our State needs 21 new members for the Circle of Honor Award and 24 for the Net Award. Please recruit members as we only have 2 weeks left in this Fraternal Year. (Let me know if you have anyone interested in our Council. We need to process them asap!)

3. There is an audio message from Bishop Olmstead that is to be used in Mass this weekend. This message is of his support of the Knights and an encouragement for men to become members. It is requested that this message be played in this weekends Masses. (I should receive this audio file today and will forward it to our Worthy Chancellor Wilbur Freeman and Future Worthy Chancellor Deacon Ernie to arrange to have someone to present it during the announcements portion of the Mass!

4. We have a New Membership gift from Nate Rasso our State General Insurance Agent and from our District Deputy. Any new members that are recruited during the month of June will have their dues covered next year.

5. Nate Rasso our State General Insurance Agent reemphasized the large interest in the Benefit Event scheduled for this Saturday at 10am. The site will be available 30 minutes prior and he encourages you log in at that time so that we don’t miss out on a spot. This coming year we will not have a quota for insurance but rather a requirement of 2 Benefit Events each year.

6. In the next coming fraternal year Supreme is waiving per capita assessments. State however will have to continue with the per capita assessment for State as it is the major source of income for State.

7. We must submit our SP-7 Columbian Award form no later that 1200 noon EST on June 29th. (I will be working with our Financial Secretary Andy and our Program. Director Gerry to get this form complete.)

8. PWID fundraising will need to be creative. There are no agreements to use Safeway and Fry’s again this coming year.


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