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Online Exemplification Opportunities

Worthy Brothers,

There are 6 upcoming chances to do exemplifications coming up!

--Thursday April 30th at 4pm and 7pm Arizona time, and

--Thursday May 7th at 4am, 1100am, 4pm and 7pm. 

I ask that your please refer to me any new members that you have had an opportunity to recruit and this is for you members who are currently 1st or 2nd degree by participating in one of these 30 minutes ceremonies you will be advanced to 3rd degree. 

This is a great opportunity and if we recruit 2 more members we will be at milestone of 100 members. 

If you know of a new possible member please forward there name and contact information to me asap! 

Also, If you are 1st or 2nd degree don’t let this opportunity pass you by, contact me so that I can send you the invitation. 

Vivat Jesus! 

Chuck Goldsmith, Grand Knight

"Did you say you have two more forms for me?"

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