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Love Life -- Choose Life

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

News flash--from our Cub Reporter in the Field: Worthy GK Chuck!

I am so proud of Andy for making a 2 mile walk in honor of protection of life today. Thanks to Wilbur Freeman and Larry Gill for also participating in this walk it was a part of our semi annual District Deputy K Of C meeting that occurred today in Casa Grande.

Editor's comments: Worthy brothers, we need to give thanks

for this man's diligence. Not only is he our Financial Secretary,

he is the Chair of our Pastoral Council. This week he offered

that job to other members for the upcoming year, but you

know how things go when you're doing a good job. Rehired!

The way I see it, Mr. Ramirez has worked out a labor

agreement to where he is getting time and a half

from God in spiritual treasures.

Worthy brother Ernie, how did the diaconate miss this guy?

Many thanks to those who joined the march. Here's another picture courtesy GK:

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