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Globe Golfers were Golden

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

It was a great day to gather at Poston Butte Golf Course for our annual golf tourney. Wouldn't you know it, the golfers who traveled all the way from their Council in Globe

turned in the winning scorecard. I believe the champs were minus 12 for a fine round

of 60. Bill Vitalec and I weren't too worried since our 6 over 78 put us comfortably out

of reach for either end of the horse. I've played in some tournaments that rewarded

you for bringing up the rear, so to speak, with a half-horse trophy. You know the rest.

We began the day with a mindful prayer for all our veterans. Off the top of my head,

I remembered that all of us who went through basic training didn't all come home, so

we paused for a moment to remember the fallen. Let us always be grateful for the

freedom we cherish and those who now serve to protect our freedoms.

Thanks and a tip of my sombrero to Dodi Freeman for her video and photos.


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