Did we just cook 37,000 meals?

Worthy Brothers,

Needless to say how proud I am of you.  We have stepped up to help those most in need during this time of pandemic.  We provided 4 checks of $1866 to the Florence Baptist Church, Coolidge Hope International Ministry Food Pantry, Christ the Victor Church Food Bank and the United Food Bank of Arizona.  The total $7464 will supply over 37,000 meals to those in most need.  This is the type of charity that makes the such a difference immediately in peoples lives.  Below are the pictures from the 3 local banks that I hand delivered checks.

Grand Knight Chuck Goldsmith presents a check for $1866 to Pastor Storm of the Florence Baptist Church Food Bank!

Grand Knight Chuck Goldsmith Presents a check for $1866 to Pastor Warren of the Coolidge Hope International Food Pantry

Grand Knight Chuck Goldsmith presents a check for $1866 to Dee Lorenzen with the Christ the Victor Food Bank in Florence.

 The United Food Bank check was mailed at their request.

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