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Council digs deep to help food banks!

Worthy Brothers, 

I will start delivering the checks to the food banks tomorrow.  Again thank you all for your supportive votes and donations.  We have the approved $2000 plus $5290 that was donated for a total of $7290.  Checks will be made to each of the following food banks as outlined in the motion. 

Florence Baptist Church Food Bank               $1822.50

Christ the Victor Church Food Bank              $1822.50

Hope International Food Pantry Coolidge $1822.50

United Food Bank                                                $1822.50

These are substantial contributions to these food banks.  According the the United Food Bank each dollar provides 5 meals which equates to 36,450 meals as a result of our Council’s donation.  You and your families are wonderful and our Council is Blessed to have each and every one of you as members. 

Vivat Jesus!

GK Chuck.

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