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7th Hole Palm Tree Challenge

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

All our golfers on November 9th who visit the 7th hole will be treated to free refreshments from Deacon Bill's nearby backyard. There will also be a chance to win a "sleeve" of golf balls if you can put your tee shot on the green. Simply donate a "fin" ($5) to the K of C cause and you have extra motivation to par #7 by putting your tee shot on the green.


It's a short hole--can you hit the green?


My wife Joni, her friend Carol, and Bill Vitalec's wife, Barbara will be there to greet us on Saturday, Nov. 9th. Free refreshments will be iced up and ready for you to sample. Play the Palm Tree Challenge: Hit the Green and win a sleeve of golf balls! It's for the Knights!


Sand? What sand? It's a Short Hole. Oh well, it's better than water!

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