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"The Chosen" a new series released by VidAngel now available on You Tube.

When I was first asked about this series, I thought the person was referring to the Ascension Press Confirmation series called "Chosen." Nope. This is something different, totally. It is a wonderful new religious series. In the eyes of NCR reviewer James Herrick, Ph.D, (who teaches at Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH) the series robust and biblical. His full review is at the National Catholic Reporter, June 7th, Arts & Entertainment Section. I get the print media version but haven't found a digital link yet. If I do, I'll post that as well. The early scenes are a bit confusing. The review told me it begins with a 5 year old version of Mary Magdalene talking to her father. Then we get scenes of Nicodemus, who is of course, the only member of the Sanhedrin to stick up for Jesus after he was arrested.

What's remarkable about this production is that it is "crowdfunded" and not coming out of a Hollywood studio. You can find quite a bit of information on You Tube about "The Chosen." Including episodes, casting, etc. The lead actor's story is very interesting. I was hoping Bishop Barron would weigh in at some point, but at least a Ph.D has published a pretty strong review in the National Catholic Register. Could they fly off course? Maybe, but not so far. In the director's comments he speaks of telling the biblical stories in a fresh new way. Maybe this is how we will recover those teens that have walked away and along with them, so many adults. Maybe when they see the story re-told in a powerful way, we will grow.

But in the meantime, if you are looking for something new and refreshing, try searching YouTube for "The Chosen." Here's a clip that features the Director:

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