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New Exemplification and Growth

Worthy Brothers, Congratulations to our newest members!  Please welcome our newest members; Terry Tryon, Louis Lizarraga, Dan Padilla, John Valeri and Carlos Carreon!  Also, congratulations to our current members who are now 3rd degree; Ruben Montano, Ty Morgan, Robert Ortega, Bill O’Neil, Mark Krysiak and Greg Flores.  With the new ceremony all the members including our newest are now 3rd Degree!! I am especially proud of this big step they have taken in this commitment to their fellow Catholics and brother Knights.  Keep our council growing and recruit new members for “If you are born a man, you become a Knight!” A special thanks to Father Joe for coming and being involved in the ceremony!  Thank you to the presenters; Deputy Grand Knight Trevor Martin, Chancellor Wilbur Freeman, Past Grand Knight Larry Gill, Financial Secretary Andy Ramirez and acting Warden Gerry Goldsmith.  Thank you men for making our ceremony such a success and I greatly appreciate the help always.  Thank you District Deputy Ole Solberg for attending our ceremony! Thank you to Brothers Bobby Frazier and Albert Felix for cooking on the hot grill.  Thank you to our spouses who helped! Rose Martin, Dodi Freeman and Sherry Goldsmith, it is your support and your work that make us so successful.  Thank you for preparing food, setting up the serving line and cleaning! You are always so  very appreciated! Last but not least, thank you Brother Johnny Ramirez for coming in and helping clean the kitchen.  Your work in the kitchen was greatly appreciated! I am so proud of all of you!  Our Council thrives and it is because of each and everyone of you members!  We are truly Blessed! Vivat Jesus! GK Chuck

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