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Knights of the Month (December)

Knight of the Month Sir Knight Wilbur Freeman

We have been blessed to have Sir Knight Wilbur Freeman in our Florence Council. Wilbur has been active in the Sir Michael Fitzgerald Council for some time. Not one to be out front he has acted as our Council Recorder for multiple terms keeping our monetary activity in check.

When there is an activity, Wilbur is there to assist. You may not see him working because he will probably be in the kitchen washing and drying dishes. Whether it’s parish projects, which he can walk to but usually drives. That’s because he is bringing his truck to haul or move something.

While Wilbur has been down recently with an serious infection requiring surgery and home care, he still kept up with the activities of our council.

We thank you for being a building block of our Council and of course the support you and we get from your wife Dodi.

Knight of the Month Sir Knight Peter Breer

Sir Knight Peter Breer is being acknowledged for his commitment to the Sir Michael Fitzgerald here in Florence.

Although Peter and Gwen have now established their permanent residency in Arizona, he has been involved in multiple activities with his knowledge and background of various projects. Peter has come to the front to lead our major fundraising efforts with his constant visibility with raffle tickets.

He has managed our Coats for Kids project finding truly needy kids. With the support with Gwen they have donated various items for our Festival

He also knows how to whip up a mean batch of spaghetti. We just don’t need him introducing lutefisk.

Thank you for your service to your commitment to Charity, Unity and Fraternity.

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1 commentaire

Membre inconnu
27 déc. 2022

Congratulations, well done Peter

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