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August KOCA Newsletter

Brother Knights, August 2, 2020

Survey for August KOCOA Newsletter

Hopefully by now you have received your KOCOA Newsletter for August 2020. In today’s social media era we realize you are inundated with a myriad of information from Supreme Agencies, State Officers, and District Deputies. This information hopefully is aimed to give you pertinent information to help you in the performance of your councils.

The KOCOA Newsletter was established with a two-fold approach: 1. To give information related to the State of Arizona Knights of Columbus activities, upcoming events by various committees and information from directors of those actions that need your attention. 2. To give a look at those councils and individuals that have done things in their communities that could lead to actions in other councils, i.e. ”Knights in Action” Section. We want to ensure that this newsletter provides those elements that are important to you and the members of your District and Council. To do that we are introducing a challenge each month to test our approach. There will be a set of questions associated with articles in the newsletter. To answer these questions, you will first have to read the newsletter. Second, provide the correct answers and submit them to: . Your answers will be verified and the one with the earliest date and time stamp will receive a State of Arizona Knights of Columbus Challenge Coin. The deadline will be the 15th of each month. Questions for the August KOCOA Newsletter: 1. What action does your council have to take that counts towards the Founders Award? Have you scheduled that event and when? 2. What program will earn your council 2 points toward earning the Columbian Award? 3. The class Honoree for CUF Degrees for the Month of August is? Have you printed this page to be used at your Council Degrees? When is your CUF Degree scheduled for the Month of August? 4. What special event do we celebrate in the Month of August associated with the Knights of Columbus? SK Joseph Shanks KOCOA Newsletter Editor Arizona State Knights of Columbus

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